The spiral staircase of the Master Suite at Casa Oaxaca Hotel and the spacious lower foyer area of the suite

Casa Oaxaca Hotel: The Definitive Review [2024]

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Are you planning a trip and want to know if you should stay at Casa Oaxaca Hotel?

Finding the ideal hotel in Oaxaca is very difficult because there are hundreds and hundreds to choose from.

While there are some great options out there, it’s important to choose the perfect hotel to ensure that your trip is everything that you want it to be.

The last thing that you want to do is choose a bad hotel and return home disappointed and frustrated.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, I’ve set out a comprehensive guide to the Casa Oaxaca Hotel so that you can find out everything that you need to know before making your decision.

Let’s dive right in.

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Casa Oaxaca Hotel: The Definitive Review

Where is Casa Oaxaca Hotel?

Casa Oaxaca Hotel is a highly-rated boutique hotel brilliantly situated in the historic center of Oaxaca City in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

If you aren’t familiar with Oaxaca, it’s a vibrant city in southern Mexico that is known for its rich cultural heritage and colorful traditions.

Probably the most famous of these is the Day of the Dead festival, which is held in Oaxaca each year from 31 October to 2 November.

Other attractions of the city include its countless beautiful colonial-era buildings that date back to the time of Spanish rule in Mexico during the 16th century.

And if that isn’t impressive enough, just a short drive outside the city you’ll find Zapotec ruins that are literally thousands of years old.

Let’s take a look now at how to get you to Casa Oaxaca Hotel.

Casa Oaxaca Hotel: The Definitive Review

How Do I Get To Casa Oaxaca Hotel?

Getting to Casa Oaxaca Hotel is a simple two step process.

The first step is to fly into Oaxaca International Airport (OAX). The second step is to book a private transfer, get a taxi or rent a car to drive to the hotel.

I’ve set out the steps you’ll need to take to get to Casa Oaxaca Hotel as simply and efficiently as possible.

Flying Into Oaxaca

To reach Casa Oaxaca Hotel, you’ll need to first fly into Oaxaca International Airport (OAX), which is around 5 miles from the hotel.

In North America, you can get a direct international flight from Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston or Los Angeles.

From elsewhere in the world, you’ll need to fly into Mexico and take a connecting flight. There are regular flights to Oaxaca from Mexico City, Tijuana, Cancún, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexicali.

Flights from Mexico City are by far the most frequent. Unless you’re planning on stopping over in one of the other cities listed above for a few days, I recommend you fly via Mexico City.

Oaxaca Airport to the Hotel

Once you arrive in Oaxaca airport, you’ve got a few options to get to Casa Oaxaca Hotel. You can book a private transfer, take a taxi or rent a car.

I’ve gone through each of these below.

Rent a Car

If you’re staying for more than a day or two, you should consider renting a car at the airport.

Oaxaca does have public transportation, but a lot of the attractions are outside the city so having a rental car is the ideal way to get around.

Casa Oaxaca Hotel offers free parking onsite at the hotel, so you won’t need to worry about where to park the car when you’re not using it.

Getting a car at the airport is very easy. You can book ahead and pick up your car in the arrivals hall of the terminal when you get off the plane.

I recommend using DiscoverCars to book the best deal available ahead of your arrival. You can expect to pay around US$30 per day plus gas for a basic rental car.

Book a Private Transfer

The simplest way to get to the hotel is by booking a private transfer on a platform like Viator. There are plenty of different providers for you to choose from, and prices start at around US$25 for a couple.

If you prefer to get a local recommendation, you can reach out to the staff at Casa Oaxaca Hotel. Their contact details are below:

  • +52 951 514 4173
  • García Vigil 407 Centro Oaxaca, México C.P. 68000

Take A Taxi

If you haven’t booked a car with the hotel, the simplest way to get from the airport to the hotel that requires absolutely no planning whatsoever is taking a taxi.

You’ll need to be able to tell the driver your destination and agree a price for the trip. The journey should cost you around US$15 – US$20 and you may need to haggle to get the driver down into that range.

You’ll also need to make sure that you have Mexican pesos with you, as the driver may not accept US dollars and won’t take credit cards.

Now that you know where it is that you’re going and all of the options that you have for getting there, let’s get into the review itself.

Casa Oaxaca Hotel: The Definitive Review

Review Of Casa Oaxaca Hotel

Casa Oaxaca Hotel is a beautiful boutique Oaxacan hotel set in a restored 18th century colonial-era mansion.

Although the hotel only has 7 rooms, it nonetheless has an impressive range of facilities including a large outdoor pool, a roof terrace and garden, a piano and a lending library.

It is also known for being one of Oaxaca’s arty hotels and features artwork from local Oaxacan artists as well as artisanal woollen products from Teotitlán del Valle, many of which are for sale if they take your fancy.

There is an onsite restaurant bar that provides breakfast and drinks, and you can also dine in the hotel’s sister restaurant, Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante, which is just a short walk two blocks to the west.

Essentially, it’s a beautiful Oaxacan hotel set in a magnificent period building in a great location that focuses on providing you with great service and a great place to stay during your trip to Oaxaca.

I’ve set out below a summary of the hotel, the rooms, hotel facilities, dining options and nearby attractions.

After that, I’ve given you a list of pros and cons of the hotel and given my personal view on whether you should book Casa Oaxaca Hotel for your trip.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Location

Casa Oaxaca Hotel has a great location in the northern end of the historic center of Oaxaca City in Oaxaca, Mexico.

You’ll find it on Calle de Manuel García Vigil between Calle de Manuel Bravo and Calle de Ignacio Allende, just one block to the west of the pedestrian street known as the Andador Turístico.

From the hotel, you can reach all of the city’s attractions easily on foot or with bicycles that you can rent from the hotel.

The closest attraction is Templo de Santo Domingo, which is just one block to the west. You can see its neo-Spanish baroque cupolas from the hotel’s roof terrace.

You can also visit the Ethnobotanic Gardens (Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca) and the Oaxaca Cultural Museum (Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca), which are right next to the church.

If you head south, you can reach the Zócalo on foot in about 10 minutes walking along the Andador Turístico. From there, all the attractions of Oaxaca City are within easy reach.

Whatever you want to see, Casa Oaxaca Hotel is a great base for you to explore the city.

2. Price

The price per room at Casa Oaxaca Hotel starts at around US$313 per night for a sole traveller. The lowest room-rate for two travelers starts at US$448 per night. That price includes breakfast at the on-site restaurant and bar.

Other discounted offers may be available from time to time, so it is worth checking prices in advance of your travel dates to see if you can get yourself a deal.

To book at Casa Oaxaca Hotel, you’ll need to reach out to the hotel directly. They don’t use any of the major hotel websites like or

The link to the reservations page on their website is here. You’ll just need to fill in a short form and they’ll come back to you within 24 hours to confirm your booking.

3. Rooms

There are 7 rooms at Casa Oaxaca Hotel and they’re divided up into five different categories.

You can choose from a Small Double, one of the three Double Rooms, the Junior Suite, the Large Junior Suite and the Master Suite.

All of the rooms are furnished in a minimalist style and feature limestone-colored walls with high ceilings. The walls are adorned with Oaxacan artworks, simple but elegant vases of flowers, and woollen rugs and bed-runners produced by local artisans in Teotitlán del Valle.

I’ve set out more detail on the rooms available at Casa Oaxaca Hotel below.

Small Double

The Small Double is a cosy 215 sq. ft. (20 m²). It is on the lower floor of the hotel and comes with a double-bed featuring a beautiful intricately carved wooden headboard. It also has a private shower-only bathroom.

The room is air-conditioned and you’ll have access to clean linens, free WiFi, a flatscreen TV, cable channels, a radio, a telephone, a desk and chair, and a room safe.

In the private bathroom, you’ll find a hair-dryer, clean towels, and free toiletries.

The Standard Rooms start at US$313 per night for a sole traveller.

Double Room

The Double Rooms are a comfortable 323 sq. ft. (30 m²) and come with a king-sized bed and a private shower-only bathroom.

Each of the three Double Rooms are located on the ground floor and open out onto the central courtyard and gardens of the hotel. They’re air-conditioned and you’ll also have access to all of the amenities available in the Small Double.

You can also choose to replace the king-sized bed with two double-beds, if you wish.

The Superior Rooms start at US$448 per night for two.

Junior Suite

The Junior Suite is a spacious 645 sq. ft. (60 m²) and comes with a king-sized bed, private shower-only bathroom.

It is located on the ground floor of the hotel and boasts a separate living area that opens out onto the inner courtyard and gardens of the hotel.

The bed is set in an old-school iron box-frame, and many of the furnishings are made of wood, iron, or stone, reflecting the natural theme of the room.

The room is air-conditioned and you’ll also have access to all of the amenities available in the Double Room.

The Junior Suite starts at US$464 per night for up to two.

Large Junior Suite

The Large Junior Suite is very spacious at 700 sq. ft. (65 m²) and comes with a king-sized bed, two double-beds, a private shower-only bathroom, a separate living area and a private balcony overlooking the pool.

You’ll have air-conditioning and will also have access to all of the other amenities available in the Junior Suite.

The Large Junior Suite starts at US$518 per night for up to two. If you increase the number of people to four, the price per night will go up to US$674 per night.

Master Suite

The Master Suite is the largest room in the hotel at a palatial 861 sq. ft. (80 m²). It is split over two levels, with the living area below and the bedroom on the upper floor.

The Master Suite comes with a king-sized bed, a private shower-only bathroom, and a private terrace area.

It’s air-conditioned and you’ll also have access to all of the amenities available in the Large Junior Suite.

The Master Suite starts at US$577 per night for up to two.

4. Hotel Facilities

While it may not have the selection of facilities of the Grand Fiesta Americana, for a hotel of its size, the facilities offered at Casa Oaxaca Hotel are quite good.

In addition to the dining options described below, you’ll have access to onsite parking (at no additional charge), an outdoor pool, a lending library, a piano, and a great roof terrace.

The hotel can also turn its central courtyard area into a private area perfect for wedding receptions, birthdays or other events.

I’ve set out a little more detail on some of these below.

Pool Area

Casa Oaxaca Hotel has a good-sized outdoor pool with sun loungers and an area with covered seating nearby.

It’s big enough that you can find a private space even if you are using the pool at the same time as some of the other guests.

The pool area itself is very colorful, especially when the bright pink flowers of the bougainvillea plants are in bloom.

Roof Terrace

Not all hotels in Oaxaca boast a roof terrace, but when they have them it is always a plus, and the rooftop area at Casa Oaxaca Hotel is no exception.

The terrace is a U-shaped area that surrounds the tops of trees growing in the courtyard below that poke up above the level of the terrace. There are also potted cacti and other potted plants standing next to tables and chairs where you can sit and enjoy the sun and the fresh air

You can also get a great view of the towers of the beautiful Templo de Santo Domingo, which is just one block away to the west.

Event Space

Casa Oaxaca Hotel can happily turn its courtyard area into a festive location for your private event, and can cater for up to 80 people.

The team at Casa Oaxaca Hotel can organize flowers, table decorations and anything else you’ll need for your event.

You can email them on if you want to contact the hotel for more details.

5. Dining Options

Within the price of each of the rooms at Casa Oaxaca Hotel, you’ll receive breakfast served at the onsite restaurant.

You can choose from local dishes including enchiladas, chilaquiles, and moles or you can choose from cereals, omelets, and fresh squeezed juices if you prefer.

The food is all very fresh and a lot of it comes directly from the hotel’s own private organic farm, Portozuelo, in the town of Zimatlán de Álvarez, about 13 miles south of the hotel.

6. Reviews

Casa Oaxaca Hotel has a rating of 5 out of 5 from over 300 reviews on, which is very high, especially considering that the reviews cover a period spanning over 15 years.

The story that the reviews tell is that most people love this hotel. It doesn’t try to be all-singing and all-dancing, but what it does, it clearly does right.

7. Check-In and Check-Out

Check-in at the hotel is from 3:00pm, and check-out is before noon.

Late check-in and check-out can be provided subject to room availability.

8. Pet-Friendly?

No, Casa Oaxaca Hotel is not pet-friendly.

Unfortunately, if you want to visit this hotel, you’ll need to find a pet-sitter.

9. Family-Friendly?

Children aged 12 and above are welcome at the Casa Oaxaca Hotel.

Rollaway beds and cribs are not available. However, if you choose the Large Junior Suite, you and your family of up to four can sleep in beds in the same large rooms.

10. Nearby Attractions

Casa Oaxaca Hotel is very close to all of the attractions in Oaxaca City, and you’ll be able to reach everything within the city limits on foot.

Don’t forget your sunhat, suncream, and the bottles of water from the room in your hotel.

Attractions in Oaxaca City

If you’re planning to set off exploring the city on foot from the hotel, I recommend that you start by walking one block west to the Templo de Santo Domingo (pictured).

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s one of the primary landmarks in Oaxaca City. It’s a beautiful building designed in the neo-Spanish baroque architectural style dating back to 1551.

The Oaxaca Cultural Museum (Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca) is also next to the church and has lots of fascinating Oaxacan cultural exhibits.

After you’ve explored that area, you can take the pedestrian street known as the Andador Turístico south towards the Zócalo, which is the heart of Oaxaca City.

From the Zócalo, you can head south to visit some of the city’s great markets like the Mercado 20 de Noviembre and Mercado Benito Juárez.

Oaxaca’s stunning cathedral (Nuestra Señora de la Asunción) is also right opposite the Zócalo, and the beautiful Teatro Macedonio Alcalá is just a few blocks to the east.

Attractions Outside Oaxaca City

If you have time to do a day-trip out of the city, there are also some fantastic places that I recommend you visit, and some of them are quite close by.

I’ve described a few of the best of these below.

Monte Albán

The closest attraction outside the city limits is the ruined Zapotec city of Monte Albán. It’s only three miles away from Oaxaca City, so you can reach it easily and can even fit something else in after you’re done exploring.

Monte Albán is built on the top of a hill overlooking Oaxaca. It’s quite large at about four square miles and there’s lots to see. Among other buildings, there are two pyramids, a ball court, and around 170 tombs.

The simplest way to reach Monte Albán is by taxi. It will cost around US$5 – US$10. Make sure you bring Mexican pesos and agree the price before you depart. 

There are also lots of Monte Albán tours available if you’d rather have the trip planned for you. Viator offers lots of different options, and you can often combine it with other attractions.

Hierve El Agua

Hierve El Agua is a unique geological marvel created from two petrified waterfalls about 40 miles to the south-east of Oaxaca.  

The smaller waterfall is called “la cascada chica” and the bigger one is called “la cascada grande”. The waterfalls were formed over thousands of years as mineral-rich waters ran over the edge of the cliff and down the escarpment.  

The plateau above the falls is covered in large shallow pools separated by beautiful mineral formations that look like atolls in an ocean. It makes you think that you are walking on a shallow reef in the Caribbean.

You can also hike to the bottom of the waterfalls, where there some more pools that you can sit in. There are change-rooms and toilets nearby.

The best way to visit Hierve El Agua is with a tour. There are some great tours from Oaxaca that combine Hierve El Agua with a visit to local mezcal producers or other attractions.

The hotel can recommend a tour operator, and Viator also has lots of them to choose from if you’d prefer to arrange a tour yourself.


The ancient ruins of the Zapotec city of Mitla is about 30 miles to the south-east of Oaxaca, on the way to Hierve El Agua.  The name is derived from the Nahuatl word “Mictlán”, meaning “place of the dead”.

The ruins are situated in a valley nearly a mile above sea level and the site is thought to have been inhabited as far back as about 500 BC.  The city was a center of religious power in the region and was destroyed by the Spanish shortly after their arrival in the 16th century.

Mitla is perhaps best known for its intricate stone mosaics, which are sometimes called “Zapotec Greco”. You’ll recognize the striking pattern in lots of ancient friezes adorning walls and floors at the site, and it is often used in clothing and other artwork produced in Oaxaca.

My recommendation is to combine Mitla and Hierve El Agua together as a tour. They start at about US$50 per person on Viator, and you can speak to the concierge at Casa Oaxaca Hotel if you’d prefer to organise it through the hotel.

If you prefer to guide yourself, you can reach Mitla with a taxi or the bus, and its about a 90 minute trip each way.

Entrance to Mitla costs US$5 so bring your Mexican pesos with you.

Casa Oaxaca Hotel: The Definitive Review

Casa Oaxaca Hotel: Pros and Cons

To try to pull all of the information above together for you, I’ve set out below the pros and cons of Casa Oaxaca Hotel as I see them.


Pros are easy here, because there are some fantastic aspects of Casa Oaxaca Hotel.

Top Location

Casa Oaxaca Hotel has an amazing location in the north of the historic center of Oaxaca making it an ideal base to explore the city.

From the hotel, you’re just one block away from the Templo de Santo Domingo with its beautiful period architecture. You’re also only a few blocks north of the Zócalo, which is the heart of Oaxaca City.

If you’re looking for a centrally-located hotel in Oaxaca City, Casa Oaxaca Hotel should definitely make your shortlist.

Beautiful hotel Building

The hotel is located in a beautiful 18th century colonial mansion. The period building gives the hotel something of a classic atmosphere.

The building has a lot of character, and you really notice the difference between a new hotel and a hotel building that has some age and history about it.

I personally think a hotel with a bit of character is a much nicer place to stay.

Great Amenities

Despite being a 7-room boutique hotel, I think it has a solid range of amenities on offer.

It’s quite rare to find a boutique hotel in Oaxaca with both an outdoor pool as well as a great rooftop terrace. Hotels like Hotel Azul Oaxaca and Casa Antonieta Oaxaca are known for their great rooftop terraces, but neither of them have a pool, outdoor or otherwise.

You can also enjoy a fresh breakfast, drinks from the hotel bar, borrow a book from the lending library, or tinker on the beautiful Bechstein piano. Parking is also available at no extra charge.

Definitely a little more than you would get at your typical boutique hotel.


There are a few cons to Casa Oaxaca Hotel, although I think a lot of these come with the style of the hotel.


The price of the hotel starts at around US$313 per night in the Small Double and US$448 per night for two in a Double Room.

Those prices put the hotel close to the top of the price range for hotels in Oaxaca, roughly in the same league as Hotel Escondido Oaxaca.

There’s no question that it is an exclusive hotel. You can’t even book it through a hotel portal, you have to book it directly through the hotel.

It also certainly ticks all the boxes of a high-end exclusive hotel. Beautiful rooms, attentive service, a unique setting, high-quality fresh food, and great amenities.

So, the question is, is it worth it? I think in this case, the Casa Oaxaca Hotel is definitely one where you get what you pay for.

It will definitely cause your wallet some pain, there’s no disputing that. But if you’re on a romantic getaway or you just want a high-end exclusive Oaxacan boutique hotel, Casa Oaxaca Hotel is a great option.

not a Modern-Looking Hotel

It should be obvious, but if you’re looking for a modern-looking hotel like the Grand Fiesta Americana Oaxaca, you won’t find it at Casa Oaxaca Hotel.

In order to preserve the charm and beauty of the 18th century building, the hotel building and the rooms can only be modernized up to a point. Obviously you’ll get all the mod-cons of a high-end hotel, but it won’t have the glitz and glam of the Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido.

Personally, I prefer hotels in period buildings with character to ultra-modern hotels. But if you are looking for the modern-feel, then you might want to consider a hotel like the Hotel Casa Santo Origen, which gives you the same level of exclusivity with more of a modern touch.

Noise From Within The Hotel

The Double Rooms and the Junior Suite open out onto the central courtyard. The courtyard is used throughout the day, so you might hear a little noise from time to time while guests are having breakfast or relaxing.

The reviews don’t make too much of this, and the hotel staff try to make sure that there’s no noise of an evening or too early in the morning.

On that basis, this is unlikely to be a major problem, but I thought it was worth flagging.

Casa Oaxaca Hotel: The Definitive Review

My Personal Views

Personally, I think Casa Oaxaca Hotel is quite hard to fault. If you’re looking for a small high-end boutique hotel in Oaxaca, it ticks all the boxes.

The location is great. You’re a stone’s throw away from the Templo de Santo Domingo and everything you’ll want to see is within walking distance. The hotel can even rent you a bicycle if you don’t feel like walking.

It has great amenities, particularly for such a small hotel. You get both an outdoor pool and a roof terrace, which is rare. There is also free parking nearby, which is also quite rare for Oaxacan boutique hotels.

On the dining side of things, the hotel offers a fresh organic breakfast within the price of the room. You can also visit Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante for dinner, which a quick two-block walk from the hotel.

And then there is the hotel and the rooms themselves. The building is a unique 18th century mansion house that is immaculately preserved. The hotel’s rooms are spacious and are furnished and decorated in the traditional Oaxaca style with touches of Oaxaca art and textile products.

The only real gripe you could raise is that the rooms are far from cheap, but as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. I think the value for money proposition is here is quite clear.

If you’re looking for a small traditional boutique hotel in Oaxaca, I think you have to put this one on your shortlist.

Casa Oaxaca Hotel: The Definitive Review

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve set out some responses to a few frequently asked questions about Casa Oaxaca Hotel below.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Casa Oaxaca Hotel?

The best time to visit is during the high season (December to April) because the weather is cooler and there is little or no rain.

However, it’s also more expensive during the high season, so if you’re on a budget and can put up with a little rain, the low season is also a good option.

Is It Safe To Visit Casa Oaxaca Hotel?

Yes, it’s safe to visit Casa Oaxaca Hotel. The staff are at the hotel until late in the evening, and you’ll have access to a room safe so that you can store your belongings when you’re not in the room.

You’ll also have no troubles when you explore Oaxaca provided you take basic precautions. You can read more about safety in Oaxaca here.

What’s The Closest Airport To Casa Oaxaca Hotel?

Oaxaca International Airport (OAX) is the closest airport, and is about 5 miles away.

You can reach the hotel by booking a private transfer, taking a taxi or renting a car. If you want to book a private transfer, I recommend using Viator or reaching out to the staff at Casa Oaxaca Hotel.

Why Is Casa Oaxaca Hotel Special?

Casa Oaxaca Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel in an 18th century mansion house right in the historic center of Oaxaca City.

If you’re looking for a high-end traditional Oaxacan boutique hotel in a great location, you’ll love Casa Oaxaca Hotel.

Casa Oaxaca Hotel: The Definitive Review

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now have all the information that you need to decide whether Casa Oaxaca Hotel is the hotel for you.

If you’re interested in booking, you can reach out to the hotel’s website to book here.

If you want to check prices of car rentals at Oaxaca airport, you can find out at

Enjoy your stay!

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